UGC is the content your TikTok and Meta campaigns need to outperform your competitors.

User-Generated-Content is advertising for social networks created in collaboration with content creators who look like your customers. UGC is particularly effective because it's advertising... that doesn't look like advertising!

Let's cut to the chase: what do the figures say?


This is the conversion lift on social ads campaigns that include UGC, according to SalesForce.


The proportion of brands using UGC in their creative strategy


The average increase in click-through rate generated by the use of UGC

How does it work? Here's how it works.

Stage 1: the idea of the century💡

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your brand and its market, then propose THE UGC concepts that will change everything on your ad accounts.

  • Audit of your ad accounts
  • Competitive analysis
  • Study of your personas
  • Tailor-made testing plan

Stage 2: the 7-day rush 🏎

On réuni un squad de créateurs decontent, editors and creative strategists, all trained to produce creative optimized for performance on the networks. In just one week, you'll receive a set of creatives ready to break all records.

  • Setting up your creative team
  • Video shooting and editing
  • Touch-ups, adjustments and delivery

Stage 3: the scale highway 🤑

After 10 days of broadcasting, we analyze and optimize the data to find THE creative formula that will boost your ROI.

  • Access to our creative analysis tools
  • Reporting & decision support
  • Creative optimization


What type of company is Rosomia's service aimed at?

How are content creators selected?

How long does it take to achieve effective results with UGC?

What guarantees do you offer?